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gladiaskators collection

Retro Futuristic - Art Deco Collectibles and Jewellery
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Lips76 is a brand of the artist Lipstik. Born in France in 1976, Lipstik has been a highly active and prolific graphic artist and illustrator since 1999 in Europe, North America and Australia. Now based in Redfern, he’s been involved in Sydney’s underground art scene for the past 8 years. Fascinated by late 70’s Erotica, SCI-FI and junk food packaging, he creates super-sexy “Electric Pin Ups” compositions where women bodies merge with urban infrastructure elements or technical graphic symbols from packaging turned into metaphysical abstractions… With a Punk as well as a Pop art approach and a unique aesthetic originated from his graffiti and skateboard culture background, the artist combines realistic photomontage with vector graphics and Art Nouveau outlines with the electric colors the 80’s airbrush art.

In his most recent project "Gladiaskators" an avant-garde retro Futuristic Art Deco collectibles and jewellery line, Lipstik has created a collection of flashy neon colored artefacts from another universe, a timeless amazon civilization of priestesses and sexy skateboard female warrior leagues battling in holy skatepark temples, where mythological antique archetypes mix up with modern street art culture elements as anachronic chimeras... This is Lipstik’s first experiment to turn his unique erotic female creature 2D artworks and skate art into 3D designed, printed, prototyped and replicated epoxy resin fine decorative objects, figurines and jewels.

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