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These one-of-a-kind Sphinxes earrings features two female Gladiaskators priestesses stoically crouched on skateboards, facing each other when worn. The round 80’s inspired design combined the mythological inspiration give the ultimate and unique retro-futuristic touch. The earring hooks are made of high grade 316L silver surgical stainless steel, available in different flashy and catchy colors.


The Gladiaskators collection is a retro-futuristic avant-garde Art Deco collectibles and jewellery line by the artist Lipstik. inspired by mythological antique archetypes mixed up with modern street art and skateboarding culture.

"Sphinx" - Earrings

  • Dimensions: 3.5(L)x0.2(w)x4.5(h) cm      

                                                    Weight: 4 g   

    Material: Resin

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