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These earrings featuring a Gladiaskator female warrior head wearing a thin Mohawk hair cut and a protection hockey mask is the ultimate accessory for any Mad Max fan. The prototypes were 3D designed, printed, molded and then casted with resin. They are perfect for anyone looking for something unique, eye-catching and stylish, empowering female figure, to add to their outfit.


The Gladiaskators collection is a retro-futuristic avant-garde Art Deco collectibles and jewellery line by the artist Lipstik. inspired by mythological antique archetypes mixed up with modern street art and skateboarding culture.

"Hockey Mask" - Earrings

  • Dimensions: 1.6(L)x2.4(w)x2.5(h) cm

                                        Weight: 11 g

    Material: Resin

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